Centre for Regional & Tourism Research

CRT leads WP3, which has two main goals. Firstly, to provide project partners with knowledge about circular economy (CE) principles and their applicability to the service sector and tourism in the South Baltic partner regions. This entails, for instance, the organization of a study trip to Denmark for all project partners.  

Secondly, CRT will produce a handbook on circular economy in tourism consisting of: a) a review of relevant existing literatures on CE; b) a collection of “best practices” case studies on CE solutions, already applied in the tourism sector; c) an analysis of structural conditions, potentials and barriers for introduction of CE in the SB partner regions and d) recommendations dedicated to a wide range of stakeholders working with the diffusion of CE principles within the tourism sector.

The recommendations for the stakeholders will be finalized at the end of the project’s implementation phase, as they will partly be based on the lessons learned in WP4 and WP5.

The results shall demonstrate the potential of our tourism SMEs to implement new “circular” solutions into their day-to-day activities and business models, as well as possible barriers. Moreover, the results of WP3 will enable comparison of the South Baltic regions to other EU regions in relation to their gaps in CE.

 CRT’s primary mission is to deliver a solid foundation of knowledge for further work on the issues and deliveries planned within WP4-WP6 as well as to provide a source of inspiration and valuable knowledge for tourism businesses. Moreover, CRT will help in the development of recommendations for a wide range of stakeholders on how to promote and support the implementation of CE and innovative solutions based on this concept in the South Baltic area.

Centre for Regional & Tourism Research is a research center located on the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Poland. The center performs research and economic analysis focusing on regions, municipalities and businesses in peripheral areas. CRT specializes in studies of tourism and the tourism industry and has a valuable expertise in some aspects of CE to bring into the CIRTOINNO project.