Testing Trainings for tourism SMEs

We would like to invite tourism SMEs (Accommodation, Spa & Wellness, Restaurant) to participate in testing training “CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR TOURISM BUSINESS” organized in Poland (Gdańsk), Lithuania (Klaipeda) and Sweden (Karlskrona).


Through a model of five days training - tourism SMEs should be able to familiarize with CE principles to future implementation of circular solutions, which can bring a range of benefits, such as:

  • savings – as a result of reduced resources’ consumption and their reuse
  • possibility to build the company’s brand on circularity and thus become a trendsetter for tourists
  • contribute to changing tourist behaviour to more environmentally conscious
  • contribute to a change in consumption style, re- thinking the way how services and products are provided
  • opportunity to develop new markets or expanding existing ones (by attracting eco-conscious tourists)
  • creating new services/products designed in line with the latest trends (circular economy, value creation for clients)
  • opportunity for cross-sector collaboration
  • opportunity for business model innovation


By adopting circular economy principles, more and more companies are gaining real competitive advantage.
 This kind of trainings should provide a unique opportunity for sharing experience to improve acquiring new knowledge in the future.

The testing training consist of two parts: a theoretical basis (on CE, energy, business model innovation, marketing incl. branding), and the practical workshops (work on tangible solutions: new service/product, changes towards energy, and resources savings, changes in business model). In total the training will last for five days. Each company can be represented by one person for each workshop theme.



POLAND, Gdańsk      


Dates of trainig:

(1st round)  28.02 – 7.03 - Introduction on circular economy and business models, Energy, Design of goods and services, Marketing
(2nd round) 1.03 – 8.03 -  
Introduction on circular economy and business models, Energy, Design of goods and services, Marketing


More info:

SWEDEN,     in Karlskrona


Date of training:

• 8 March       - Introduction on circular economy and business models

• 9 March       - Energy

•15-16 March - Design of goods and services

•23 March       -Marketing


More info: http://energikontorsydost.se/stod-till-turismforetag


LITHUANIA, Klaipeda                                                                        


Date of training:

• 5/6 March                - Introduction on circular economy and business models

• 6/7 March                           - Energy

•19/20 & 21/22 March         - Design of goods and services

• 22/23 March                        -Marketing


More info:

Destination: A circular tourism economy” – publication dated 31st October 2017

A handbook for transitioning toward circular economy within the tourism and hospitality sectors in the South Baltic Region has been created in the Centre for Regional Tourism and Research – one of CIRTOINNO project partners – authors: J. Manniche, K. Tøpso Larsen, R. Brandt Broegaard, E. Holland. Let’s get aquainted with our Cicrular Economy Handbook

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