Public Institution Strategic Self Management Institute (SSI)

The mission of SSI is to discover and deliver scientific innovation support to actors of business and public sector towards highest UN an EU culture of sustainable innovation in basic research, applied research, development and commercialization.

SSI has large experience in creation of basic methodological systems: Virtualics, Anthropogeny, Sociogeny, Technogeny, Strategic Self-Management (SSM), Sustainable Innovation, Responsible Energy, which were applied to large number of social subjects, including development of two very large sectors of Lithuania as Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Maritime now called as sectors of green and blue growth. The new Wind energy branch of Lithuania was established and developed as result of innovation activity. SSI developed self-improvement virtual tools and simulators: iSelf-Education, iSSI, iReg, iChar, iGenius, iOWEM, iLand, iShop, etc.

During last ten years SSI took part in 4 Leonardo da Vinci programme projects: e-WindTech EMPRES, ELOMPRES, ALPER, also in 6 INTERREG programme projects: POWER, LED, SB OFF.E.R., WEBSRE2, RES-Chains and BCP. At present South Baltic 2014 -2020 period programme SSI participates in projects: CleanTech International, CIRTOINNO, InterMarE and TRAIN LNG.

SSI participates in all activities of the project CIRTOINNO, related to circular economy researches and creation of self-assessment, education and advisory tools for tourism SME’s working in fields of blue and green growth. SSI is responsible for coordination of WP4 activities in assessment and mapping of solutions from WP3, development of the model and content of the self-assessment tool. Created virtual tool will help owners of SME’s to save materials and energy used in tourism service and increase work productivity and profitability.


Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

The Chamber’s mission is to represent the interests of the businessmen of Klaipėda and Tauragė regions, and promote business development in this part of the country.


Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (KCCIC)

  • Promotes foreign trade
  • Influences the development of small and medium enterprises
  • Provides information of business offers received from foreign companies
  • Searches for foreign partners at the request of the members of the Chamber
  • Distributes information about the members of the Chamber and their businesses to embassies and counterpart chambers abroad
  • Provides information about exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences held in Lithuania and abroad
  • Makes arrangements for business missions, visits to companies, and meetings with foreign businessmen
  • Organizes seminars, training courses for businessmen, conferences, and presentations
  • Renders assistance to organizers of vocational training in the region
  • Issues Certificates of Origin of Goods

KCCIC unites more than 230 members, that include major enterprises in the region and companies representing medium and small businesses. The Chamber represents the interests of the businessmen of Klaipėda and Tauragė regions, and promotes business development in this part of the country. The Chamber promotes the development of small and medium enterprises, and also export, taking an active part in various international projects and programmes.